Odeon-Mastering offers world class quality mastering and audio restoration services. We accept all digital formats and we deliver Audio CDs for reference (or .wav/.aiff files if you use our online mastering option) and .ddp masters directly to your Cd plant facility. Mastering is the last creative step in music production. During a mastering session critical decisions about the overall sound and the track order will be made. It is the time when we will enhance your sound and repair all the potentially harmful problems, so your project can be optimized for its medium, will translate perfect on the wide variety of systems available nowadays, replicated and made available to the public. Odeon- mastering has the fairy dust that will give your mixes warmth, clarity and loudness without destroying the dynamics of your performance, as well as the tools that will give your production the integrity needed for replication. From all the above it is rather obvious that CD mastering is a highly technical task as well as an artistic part of the creative process. In order to achieve our goal we have invested time and money not only on trying to build a room that has a totally neutral sound and a collection of Class A equipment but also on educating ourselves both in technical aspects (acoustics, digital theory, etc.) and in music (our chief-engineer Apostolos Siopis is an accomplished composer trained in Cambridge, UK as well as a performer with his main instrument being the classical guitar). We believe that the greatest mistake an engineer can do when working with music is focusing on the technicalities and forget about the actual music, the composer's vision and the musician's performance, often resulting in projects that sound artificial. We strongly believe  that your music should be reproduced exactly as you intended, when you were composing it. This is one of the reasons that we encourage attended sessions or in the case that you use our online facility we try to communicate with you as much as possible.

How it works.

Mastering includes processes such as : editing, creation of fade ins and outs, equalization and dynamics processing to enhance the audio. At a later stage we will add all the ISRC and UPC/EAN info (CD-text data) and burn a Red Book Standard PMCD. The final data will be compared with the source file and checked for errors. After completion of our work we will send you an evaluation copy and depending on whether we need to make any last revision we will produce 1 PMCD ready for replication and 1 reference disc for you to listen to. Alternatively we can produce a .ddp file to be send directly to your replication plant.


We will accept all digital formats:

  • 16bit 44.1Khz Audio CD
  • CD-Data 16, 24, 32 bit, up to 96 KHz (wav or aiff files)
  • Digital Audio Tape (D.A.T.).


Our complete mastering services are available online. You can upload your album to our server and we can creatively cooperate in all further stages via remote communication. You can set up an account with us (Client Area) and you can upload all your files on our secure FTP server hassle free. We encourage you to send as much information as possible about you and your project. We would be happy if you also sent us some reference tracks from commercial CDs. This will allow us to understand what kind of sound you are looking for and process your tracks accordingly. It is vital for us to keep communication at a high level so feel free to send us as much info as possible. When the process is complete we will have a demo file of your tracks for you to evaluate and upon completion of payment the tracks will be available for you to download. If you choose this options please remember to check the FAQ for some useful instructions.

Audio Restoration

Audio restoration is the process of removing artifacts, which may include "hum", coughs, glitches, clicks, or broadband noise, hiss, rumble, buzzes and crackles, in order to make a recording clearer. Nowadays with digital technology we are able to do that without affecting the original music recorded. The outcome is a dramatic improvement on intelligibility. In some cases we can even remove noises that may be distracting and allow you to hear what you really want to hear.