How do I prepare my files?

  • Do not use any compression/limiting on the output stereo bus (unless you use it only for the coloring of your sound). In any case do not try to get your mix louder, as this is a process that we will do, using state of the art audio equipment, which will guarantee sonic perfection..
  • Try to leave at least dB of headroom before digital overload.
  • Mark all mixes clearly with name, version, title and other relevant info
  • Keep the files at the same bit depth and sample rate of the project- do NOT dither or convert sample rates
  • On the special box, next to the upload function, include all your notes, describing anything that needs fixing, or other special requests.
  • Include the desired track order, unless you prefer us to set up the order for you.
  • Include all ISRC and UPC/EAN codes that you want to be encoded on the final master.
  • Send us, or bring along any CDs that you know well and their sound you like. That will give us a good reference point as to what you like and to what you are aiming to get out of the mastering session.
  • Always backup your work.