How do I evaluate my reference disc?

    Listening to your reference disc is a crucial step in the mastering process. Mastering will ensure that your recording will be "all it can be" upon release, but this is no good without the reference disc. So please make sure you follow the the rules below:
  • Listen to the actual reference disc or the unaltered digital file.

    Do not refer to a copy, or a file you ripped to a disc, or an mp3 encoded file. When you contact with your ME make sure that you are both listening to identical sources.

  • Listen to your reference on at least one familiar system.

    If it is your studio monitors, or your car system, or even the iPod earbuds, then by all means listen there. Please make sure that the tone controls of the system and the volume control is at your normal position.

  • Listen to the reference against familiar finished records.

    If you are A/B-ing the 2 records, please do that through the same digital to analog converters.