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Odeon-Mastering is a dedicated mastering facility in Thessaloniki, Greece, run by Apostolos Siopis. In a convenient location just outside the city's busy center we have built a dedicated facility, equipped with the most powerful processors in the market. Along with that, Apostolos Siopis passion for great sound and his dedication to release the full potential of your mixes, guarantees that your project will stand as equal amongst productions that might have cost a small fortune. Whether you attend the session or use our online service, we will give your music the integrity needed for replication and digital distribution . We are dedicated in providing a high-quality, low-cost, friendly service for record labels and independent artists.

Bio of Apostolos Siopis

Apostolos Siopis started his sound engineering career in 1999 after successfully completing a high graded diploma in sound engineering from Parallaxi College, Thessaloniki. The early days were all about live gigs, working with some of his favorite bands and musicians. The Greek show business was not big enough and after 2 years he moved to Cambridge in UK, to work as a freelance engineer .In the meantime he studied at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge to get a Master’s degree in music composition, which still remains one of his passions. Six years later and after having worked for the likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Blondie, James Taylor quartet, Motorhead, Fun Loving Criminals, The Stranglers and hundreds more that could make this list go forever, he got involved in production engineering at the West End as part of the team at Orbital Sound in London. But Apostolos’ passion for great sound and his increasing experience on mastering friends’ tracks (most of them with great success), brought him back to his native country in order to fulfill his dream, a dedicated mastering studio, where he can put all the musical and technical knowledge he gained over the years, to the service of people who share the same vision as him. At his free time he is a keen fisherman and a funny fact about him is that his first university degree was in International Affairs and Diplomacy (University Makedonia, Thessaloniki Greece).


The studio was designed to be acoustically neutral and at the same time comfortable for the client and the engineer for those long mastering sessions. There are in total 11 sound traps, ranging from deep bass to all-bands and a massive diffuser for low-mid to high frequencies. The room that we work in, was built with one thing in mind, it needed to be as revealing as possible on all the information that has been recorded and mixed. Safe and important decisions are heavily depended on that. We made sure to avoid comb filtering and unwanted reverb tails that would add or subtract to the sound of your recording. Moreover, at Odeon-mastering we have a Class A+ sound system designed and built by Lipinski, complimented by 2 subwoofers by SVS. The dynamic range is huge which allows us to listen from the quietest to the loudest sound. The frequency range is from 23 to 27000 Hz and is totally flat (+- 0.5db). You can be sure that we have one of the highest definition systems on the market and your material will be analyzed through a very accurate “microscope”. We truly believe in the power of good analog equipment. The sonic quality and the user friendliness of analog processors against digital plug-ins, was a main concern when equipping the studio.AD/DA conversion , which is a vital part of our chain is handled by Cranesong's Hedd 192 one of the top converters at the market at the moment. We also use equalizers from Millenia Media (NSEQ-2) and Cranesong (Ibis), along with compressors from Pendulum Audio (OCL-2) and Cranesong (STC-8). Overall you should be comfident that your material will be examined carefully and treated with great care to provide a master that will translate great on every sound system and played back perfectly on the variety of playback options available today.

Equipment List



Lipinski L-707


Lipinski L-301 monoblock (built in the stands L-36)


2 x SVS SB12-Plus


AKG K270


Cranesong Avocet
Outboard Gear:
Millenia Media NSEQ-2
Cranesong IBIS
Pendulum Audio OCL-2
Cranesong STC-8
Cranesong HEDD-192
Cranesong HEDD-192
Cranesong Avocet
Pro Tools
Lynx Aes16x2